Degree Plus

Degree Plus

What is the Degree Plus Award?

Degree Plus was introduced in October 2008 to provide Queen's students with a vehicle for accrediting learning and skills developed through extracurricular activities.

The award is open to all full-time and part-time undergraduate, and postgraduate taught students, and you will receive the Award alongside your degree when you graduate.  The Degree Plus Award is free, although some of the qualifying courses do charge their own small fee.

Why Should I sign up for the Degree Plus Award? 

Employers are looking for graduates who can demonstrate that they have the skills needed for workplace success – the Degree Plus Award will help you do this.  Many activities you participate in – whether you serve as a Course Rep or have a part-time job or are engaged in voluntary work - may be allowing you to acquire important employability skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication and commercial awareness.  The Degree Plus Award allows these skills and this experience to be formally recognised.

The agreed deadline for the submission of Degree Plus Route B application forms is: April 1st for students graduating in the summer and 1st of October for students graduating in December.

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PwC, NICVA and Santander are corporate partners of Degree Plus