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What is it?

Degree Plus is an opportunity for any current Queen’s student to get involved and gain accreditation from Queen’s for completing extra-curricular work related learning alongside their degree. 

Why do it?

Over 2000 Students successfully complete Degree Plus each year.  In doing so, they build up valuable experience(s) and practice in articulating their development and achievements to others (e.g. employers or activity providers via application, presentation or interview).  They also receive a certificate at graduation.

How to do it?

Choose and complete one or more Degree Plus Approved Activities using the Combined Experience Direct Application Route or the Provider Verified Route.

Most students gain Degree Plus by completing a Provider Verified Activity (Formerly Route A).  It is also possible to gain recognition for more than one student led activity by submitting a Combined Experience Application (Formerly Route B).

A step by step explanation of how to gain degree plus is provided in MyFuture>DegreePlus

How to view your accreditations!

You can access your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record), via the online training for QSIS.


  • Researcher plus is for Postgraduate Research students who complete a Provider Verified Activity or Graduate School assessed Combined Experience (Route B).
  • Graduate plus is for Postgraduate Taught students who complete Degree Plus (a Graduate Plus certificate will be presented at graduation).