How To Get Involved

There is no registration or sign up for the Degree Plus award. It is a student driven programme and therefore it is your undertaking of extracurricular activities whilst at Queens, which can get accredited by the award as long as you are able to show that you have learned valuable employability skills from your participation.

Activities can fall into one of two Routes:

Route A

These are a set list of activities which typically lead to a certificate or diploma in their own right. They require significant input and work. If you complete one or more route A programmes we will be notified by the course administrator and you will receive the Degree Plus award when you graduate. Any activities which are not on this list will automatically fall into Route B

Route B

This route allows students to combine a range of activities to create your own personalised Degree Plus award. To get your route B activities accredited you need to complete a combined route application form. Within this form you firstly outline two or more activities you have completed/undertaken and secondly, expand on the skills you have learned from your participation. Two copies of this form need to be submitted before 1st April of your graduation year (1st October if graduating in the winter) along with evidence of participation (e.g. payslip, certificate, email of confirmation) and a CV/covering letter which articulates the skills you have outlined in the form. This form will be assessed by the Degree Plus Forum and we will let you know if you have been successful approximately 1 month before your graduation.

If you require further information on the Degree Plus award we will be running Information workshops throughout the semester. Please see dates/times below.

13/10/14 1-2pm

SGC Hub (bookable from start of semester via

24/10/14 1-2pm

SGC Hub (bookable from start of semester via

30/10/14 1-2pm

SGC Hub (bookable from start of semester via

14/11/14 1-2pm

Careers Information Room, SGC (bookable from start of semester via

19/11/14 1-2pm

SGC Hub (bookable from start of semester via

26/11/14 12-1pm

SGC Hub (bookable from start of semester via

01/12/14 1-2pm

SGC Hub (bookable from start of semester via

09/12/14 12-1pm   SGC Hub (bookable from start of semester via
15/12/14 12.30-1.30pm SGC Hub (bookable from start of semester via

MyFuture is also accessible via the front page of the Careers website.  You can view and book all careers events, vacancies and one-to-one appointments.

Please note that attendance at one of these workshops IS NOT a requirement for the Degree Plus Award.