Routes to the
Degree Plus Award

Lucy Trotter Degree Plus 

As an undergraduate or postgraduate taught student, you may go for Degree Plus at any time between first registering/enrolling at Queen's and the relevant Degree Plus activity deadline in your final year (see below).  

You do not need to register for DegreePlus - just choose and select accredited activities from Route A or B menus and start to get involved.

There are two ways to work towards the Degree Plus Award.   Whichever route you choose, you will be encouraged to use Myfuture, to view and book any relevant events, log achievements and enhance your skills and experience to really impress employers.

Route A (one substantial, Route A activity: automatic qualification)

  • Students who complete the full requirements for one Route A activity, under the supervision of an approved provider, will automatically qualify for the Awarding of Degree Plus at their graduation.
  • The programmes which represent Route A of Degree Plus are substantial, intensive activities requiring significant input and work.  They typically lead to a Certificate or Diploma in their own right (some will entail 100 hours+ of engagement).
  • In order to commence on a Route A activity, to confirm deadlines or to check if and when you have completed your Route A Degree Plus, please contact the relevant provider directly (these are shown in the information about each activity advertised on the Route A list).

Route B (Combine a minimum of two activities and submit a Route B application)

  • This route offers students create their own personalised Degree Plus award by combining a range of smaller activities and applying for accreditation through a Route B application (see deadlines below and list of activities plus a blank application form on the Route B page).
  • The most popular Route B approved experiences are shown on the Route B list.  However, unlike Route A, the Route B list is not exhaustive.  Therefore, there is some scope for students to submit an activity not currently shown under either Route A or B for consideration by the marking panel e.g. starting your own business.


ROUTE A:  Deadlines are set by the provider of each activity

ROUTE B:  Applications must be submitted to before:

> 1st of April in the year of graduation:  For those graduating in summer

> 1st of October in the year of graduation:  For those graduating in winter

Phone: 028 90973617
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