Degree Plus

Students from years 2-4 apply for and are interviewed to become a peer tutor. They undertake 6 weeks training at the writing centre in St Mary's University College (3hrs per week). They are instructed in the teaching methods involved in improving students' communication skills. Subsequently they will attend tutorial sessions held by experienced tutors. They are told in advance of the student's year/course/request, they meet the tutee for a one to one (sometimes classes of 2 or more). During an appointment the peer tutor will work with the student to build on the knowledge that they have already and demonstrate through their writing. Peer tutors will assess the strengths and weaknesses of the work presented to them and help students to improve various essential skills so that they can make their writing as effective as possible. The tutor may make suggestions about grammar, structure or contact. They will sometimes help with referencing, presentation or how to use relevant technology. The tutor and tutee will then reflect on the work, fill out a feedback form and outline the areas discussed and action agreed. Some tutors will promote the service to specific groups. They will also offer suggestions if they suspect that a student might need further/professional help.


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