Degree Plus

For this activity students will volunteer with a local community group using skills and expertise relevant to their degree pathway or future career e.g. teacher education students may work with after-school homework clubs or work in supporting pupils with special needs. Other students may choose to volunteer in other sectors that give the experience required in their field. Engagement with the community is a key element of most volunteering and students will work in areas that otherwise would not have access to such expertise. It is the aim of the activity to build up a number of partnerships in the local area so that students who do not have existing opportunities to volunteer can find an arena to develop their skills.

Students must apply for the award by carrying out the required number of contact hours and completing a written piece of work indicating how their experience is relevant under each of the headings below

Level Application to chose career Community engagement Leadership and team motivation

Bronze (minimum 40 hours) 


Silver (minimum 60 hours)

X X  
Gold (minimum 100 hours) X X X

This course will provide an opportunity for students to:

  • demonstrate critical evaluation of the outcomes of professional practice
  • apply subject knowledge and understanding from the degree pathway
  • possess high level transferable key skills such as the ability to work with others in a team, to communicate (both orally and in writing), influence, negotiate and resolve conflict
  • display interpersonal sensitivity, global and cultural awareness, moral and ethical awareness and being able to adjust behaviour accordingly
  • reflect on and evaluate their own practice

In order to achieve this certificate, students need to commit to working with an outside organisation in a regular way and to work as part of a team. The award is based on reflective practice on the students ability to engage with volunteering in a way that is directly relevant to their degree programme.

For further information and to sign up for this activity please contact Dr Patricia Eaton (