JAM - Junior Academy of Music Programme

JAM Junior Academy of Music programme would provide students with an opportunity to at first observe and then take part in music teaching classes to children. JAM is being attended by around 120 primary and secondary school children, across four different programmes according to their age group. They are being taught by specialised tutors, in groups of 20. The activities include Music and Movement, Musicianship, Choir, Brass Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble and group instrumental tuition. Undergraduate students would be selected to participate as assistants to tutors. Their involvement would be gradual: initially the assistant students would be helping the tutors leading a music activity, and over time would be expected to engage with children by leading warm-up activities and/or singing games.

Student assistants would be asked to keep a weekly log recording what activities were covered in each session. They would be invited to reflecet on their experience, pointing out any challenges encountered.

For further information contact Dr Juliana Licinic van Walstijn (j.licinic@qub.ac.uk)