READ International Satellite Project

READ International @ QUB is a volunteer based society allowing students to fundraise towards donating books to East Africa.

Organising fundraising events during the year will develop the ability to communicate within a business context and to understand financial principles, as welll as being a key player in the teams motiviation to achievethe goals set to reach our target fund.

At the end of the year students have the opportunity to travel to Tanzania and volunteer by distributing books, and assist with the renovation of libraries in separate regions of East Africa. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop global and cultural awareness in addition to understanding the true importance of the values of lifelong learning.

Depening on level of involvement students participation will fall into Degree Plus Route A or B

  • Route A - Students must have undertaken summer experiences in Tanzania
  • Route B - participation in the society and proof of fundraising during the year.

To get involved in this activity please contact Holly Conlon, President of READ@QUB (