The QUB Apprentice

The QUB Apprentice will see 7 students compete for the title, in addition to a 2 week placement with Deloitte and £200 vouchers. Contestants will work through a series of 4 tasks similar to the BBC Series. These will tests skills in areas such as presentations, negotiation, creativity and innovation. After each task contestants will be invited back to the boardroom where at least one person may be 'fired'. The final event will be hosted by BBC's The Apprentice star Jim Eastwood, who will choose the overall winner.

Through participation in this competition students will develop the following skills:

  • identify, analyse and solve problems by priortising tasks
  • risk assessment
  • apply subject knowledge and understanding from the degree pathway
  • confidence and motivation to start and to finish the job, adaptability/flexibility, creativity, initiative, leadership, decision-making, negotiating and the ability to cope with stress.
  • presentation and personal marketing skills
  • team work and conflict resolution
  • understand basic financial and commercial principles
  • appreciate and demonstrate enterprise and innovation
  • appreciate and understand how businesses operate


Depending on level of involvement students participation will fall into Degree Plus Route A or B:

  • Route A for 2 finalists
  • Route B for remaining 5 contestants


For more information on The QUB Apprentice or to apply please contact Denise Murtagh (