Marketing and Creative Services

Help To Produce a Publication

Marketing and Creative Services can offer creative and design advice on having a publication printed, but it cannot guarantee availability to undertake any production work outside of core priorities.


The Photo Unit within Marketing and Creative Services Unit undertakes photography work for the University on a first-come-first-served basis. Some out-of-hours work can also be accommodated by prior arrangement. For further information contact

If the Photo Unit is unavailable, then members of the University's panel of freelance photographers may be contacted directly. Click here for further details.

Approved suppliers

The University has appointed a number of suppliers for the provision of the following services:

  • Print

The University currently contracts CDS to fulfil all of its print management and reprographic print work. More information is available here

These companies have the exclusive right to undertake work involving use of the Queen's logo and are fully briefed on our requirements in this respect and can be approached directly.


Marketing and Creative Services updates generic content relating to the University on a regular basis. If you require general information such as a campus map or details of the University’s support services, please email or call ext. 2586 for further details.