Returning Students

Your Student Union Executive

The Students' Union provides many free services to students. One of the most important is the role of the President and Vice-Presidents (VPs). If students experience problems, be it academic or personal, these friendly faces are there to help resolve these issues. If for example you fail an exam for any reason, the VP of Education will give you advice and provide representation at Appeal Committees.

The other VPs positions are: Welfare, Campaigns & Communications, Equality & Diversity, Community and Clubs & Societies. These positions are elected by students every year in February and March.

Returning students may still be unaware of the different services offered through Student Guidance.

Tips on looking around houses

  • Make sure there’s a radiator in every room
  • Negotiate rent - landlords will often knock money off for a quick let
  • If there’s something lacking in the house, such as desks, don’t be afraid to ask, landlords will often put them in for you
  • Check for damp
  • Ask plenty of questions - this will make you appear more knowledgeable so agents are more likely to be honest
  • Ask if the house comes furnished, tv etc.
  • Ask if gas or oil, if gas check for carbon monoxide detector, make sure boiler has been serviced within last year
  • Ask if electricity and if top-up meter
  • Check for double glazing
  • Ask around if the area is safe
  • Check distance to supermarkets and your school building
  • Drivers should check if there is parking available nearby
  • Ask how rent is to be paid - in person/direct debit
  • Take pictures of everything - unscrupulous landlords may try to deduct money from your deposit for damage you did not cause
  • Don’t allow friends or party goers to tamper with fire equipment
  • Check for fire doors, fire alarms, fire escape
  • More information is available here

What to do if you feel the increased work load of second or third year is getting on top you?

If you feel you are not doing as well as other people in your class, don’t just sit worrying about it. There are many positive actions you can immediately take to remedy the situation.

Your first port of call should be your personal tutor; he or she will be able to advise you of how you could improve your work. Often developing a study plan will alleviate the pressures of study and deadlines.

The Student Guidance Centre runs Study Skills seminars which will improve your work. If you are struggling because of personal reasons the Counselling Service in the Student Guidance Centre is a free and confidential service which will help you through personal issues. 

If you find you are unable to sit your exams and have a medical note for this, you will be able to re-sit your exams in the summer without being penalised. Make sure you are aware of the annual weighting of your degree.

If you are fretting over your results from the past, be aware that your final year is the most important part of your degree. Also, in order to keep on top of your future career, make sure to consult the Careers website for information on careers fairs and presentations specific to your course.

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