Top Tips for Welcome Week!

Try to attend as much as possible

Queen’s spends thousands of pounds every year to make sure new students have the best possible welcome to university life. There are many diverse events on during this time from the tasty and free international lunch in the Great Hall to sumo suit fights on the front lawn. You can keep up to date on all the events on this website.

Go on the tours of campus

A surprising number of students find themselves searching desperately for their exam centre two hours before an exam in January! To avoid this make sure you go on the free tours of campus provided by the Welcome Week Student Guides. They will show you around all the important areas of campus, from the Students 'Union to the library.

Strike up a conversation with another student

Although it might be scary meeting so many new people in such a short space of time, the chances are the other new students are as nervous as you. Starting a chat with another student is a great way to break the ice and make new friends, and they will also be grateful for someone friendly to talk to. 

Attend your school induction

Although you may be run off your feet during all the festivities of Welcome Week it is important to attend all the school events listed in your School induction timetable. Not only is it a great opportunity to meet other new students, it will also provide you with details of your course, personal tutors etc. Information, ranging from how to reference, to where your lectures will actually be will be made available to you. Having this information from the very first week will make it much easier for you when deadlines are fast approaching.

Join a club or society at the Fresher's Bazaar

Whether you’re a fitness freak or a couch potato there is a club for everyone at Queen’s! This is a great way to meet new, like-minded people. Why not try your hand at trampolining or amateur dramatics. The Bazaar is normally held the Wednesday following Welcome Week, but check back for more information.

Visit the Whitla Hall

During Welcome Week many diverse activities are staged in this venue, just to the right of the main Lanyon building. All week our student guides will be hosting a bunch of activites that you can come to to meet new people, get a taster of what the University has to offer and (most importantly), chance your hand at winning free stuff! 

Chat to a Student Guide

These friendly faces are employed by Queen’s every year to make sure you get the most out of Welcome Week. They are fountains of information about all aspects of university life and walking maps, so if you get lost just find someone wearing a Student Guide t-shirt. They will also be able to tell you about the many events on during Welcome Week.

Go on the library tour

This is an important one: around £50 million was spent on the new McClay library to make it a state of the art facility; unfortunately it is a state of the art facility that many students don’t know how to use! The reference system used in the library can be quite complicated, so it’s best to go on the tour and find out how it works. The Information Technology Sessions are also very important as they will show you how to work Queen’s Online which is your portal for everything from timetables to exam results.

Use the Student Guidance Centre

This building is located to the left of the Students' Union and is the place you go for most of the problems you may experience, for example if you lose your student card, you can have it it replaced here. It is also home to many of the student services, such as the Counselling Service and the Careers Service. The student finance department is also located here, which deals with any fee-related problems.

Have Fun! 

Welcome Week is likely to be one of the busiest weeks of your life, but it will also be one of the best if you follow these tips. There are many great opportunities to meet new friends and to socialise. The Fresher’s Ball is one of the highlights of the Academic year so make sure you attend the events and pick up a ticket!

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