Ways to Save Money

  1. Rather than buying your food from local convenience stores why not do a weekly with your flatmates in a big supermarket such as Tesco or Asda. The difference in a basket of good from a supermarket or local convenience store such Spar is £32. These shops do home delivery so this will not only save you money but also time. These supermarkets do competitive deals on everyday items.
  2. There are many places around campus, such as the Space upstairs in the Student’s Union where students can bring their own packed lunch from home to enjoy in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. There is also a space in the McClay library, between the foyer and the Hope Café, where students can take a break from study to have their packed lunch. The Chaplins at Queen's offer free lunch during the week so have a look to see when you can eat for free
  3. Translink Student Discount card provides great rates and can save you as much as 50% on your journey home.  More information can be found here
  4. The Student Union shop is great for a bargain and stocks many newspapers at a hugely discounted rate. It is also a Ticketmaster outlet so concert tickets can be bought without paying the usual 2 or 3 pound transaction fee.
  5. Use your student card to get 10% discount in many highstreet stores such as New Look, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins. Also avail of store loyalty cards in shops like Boots and Superdrug.
  6. Many students receive the Student Bursary for books and sport. This money is credited to your student card and you can use it to buy your books from the Queen’s Bookshop or contribute towards your Gym Membership. You can also find textbooks in second hand bookshops or on Amazon or EBay. Before buying a book research whether or not you really need the book, for instance there may be multiple copies available in the library or you could photocopy the relevant pages.
  7. Many cinemas in Belfast offer special student rates throughout the week; some such as the Dublin Road cinema and the Odeon have ‘Crazy Tuesdays’ with a bigger discount available to all. The QFT also have discounted rates for students, friendly atmosphere and a fully licensed bar.
  8. Try to make a budget at the start of each semester. This will allow you to manage your money effectively. Knowing exactly how much money you have available will allow you to plan for big events such as holidays and music festivals.
  9. Shop around for the best deals on items such as internet and mobile phones. Although a deal may appear good value often you may be tied to long contracts which are subject to change. Many price comparison websites can help you find the best deal out there.
  10. If you do experience difficulty during the year with finances it's best to deal with it right away rather than ignore the issue. The Student’s Union has a dedicated team of advisors which can help you with these problems. Queen’s also has a Student Support Fund which grants money to struggling students. 
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