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What if I run into financial difficulties?

Many students find it a challenge to keep control of their finances, particularly first year students who are away from home for the first time.

There is advice from UCAS on how to save money in day to day university life. Queen’s also provides the opportunity of part-time work within the University which is designed to fit in with your studies through the JobShop which can be accessed through Queen’s Online. If you find your money problems to be very severe, Queen’s has a Student Support Fund which provides aid to students in real difficulty.

What should I do if I fail an exam?

The first thing you should do if you fail an exam is to deal with it. Ignoring the issue will only make matters worse for you. You should arrange to meet with your Advisor of Studies to discuss your options. Exams can usually be repeated in the summer period but results are generally capped at 40%. You may have to go before an Appeals Committee to discuss what led to your failing, these meetings can be daunting but the Student Union Vice-President of Education will help you to prepare your case and come to the meeting with you to help you to represent yourself.

Who can I turn to for help?

Whether you’re struggling with your course or just finding university life a big adjustment, there are many positive steps you can take. The University Counselling Service is a free and confidential service. The experienced counsellors can help you deal with all kinds of problems. Sometimes just talking about a problem can make it seem much less scary. If it is an academic problem which is worrying you often your Personal Tutor or Advisor of Studies will be able to provide you with advice.

I feel I haven’t adjusted to student life and haven’t settled in.

Some students settle into university life very easily; however some may find that for one reason or another they have not. This is nothing to worry about. There are many Clubs and Societies in the University which are the perfect venue for you to meet other like-minded students. Clubs and Societies range from Dance to Photography to Queen’s own radio club. The Queen's Chaplaincies provide a place to get away from it all and meet other students. They offer spiritual conselling or just a friendly ear to listen, in an environment comfortable to you. These buildings, located around the university, are at once religious and social spaces where you can find someone to talk to about your problems. They also have cafés and chill-out spaces.

If you feel it is the weight of your course load that is hindering you from settling in its best to have a chat with your Personal Tutor or Advisor of Studies about this, she or he will help you to devise a study plan to lighten the load.

I’m under a lot of stress with course work and exams.

This kind of stress is very common for students, particularly first year students who are unused to having relatively few hours of class per week and yet an increased course load. What is important is how you deal with it. More often than not a quick chat with your Personal Tutor or Advisor of Studies will help you to deal with this stress. Creating a timetable and planning to do a little work every day instead of leaving it all until the last minute will make university a much easier experience.

I feel I have been discriminated against because of my race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion or for some other reason.

Queen’s operates a strict non-discrimination policy. Any kind of discrimination faced by students will be dealt with very seriously. Staff will make every effort to ensure that any complaint made by a student will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. If you feel you’ve been subject to discrimination contact your school or the Student Guidance Centre.

I am an international student and am finding some aspects of Queen’s university life difficult to deal with.

Although most international students find their time here in Belfast a very positive experience, some may find it difficult to settle in for one reason or another. The staff at the International and Postgraduate Student Centre are very accustomed to dealing with these kinds of issues. Whether it is a language, cultural or academic problem the friendly staff here will be able to point you in the right direction. The International Society is a good place to meet other international and home students. They organise many social events during the year which international students find very enjoyable.

What do I do if I’m living in private accommodation and my landlord or landlady is not fulfilling their end of the contract?

Although not a very common problem this is a very serious one. Some students this year found their houses flooded as a result of the cold weather and found problems in getting the issue resolved. Tiernan MacAteer, the VP for Welfare, can help you with these problems and if necessary represent you in dealings with your landlord or landlady.

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