Welcome Week

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Welcome to the Welcome & Induction Website for 2015

We hope you are looking forward to coming to Queen's University. This section of the website will provide a brief overview to the Central Welcome & Induction programme 2015. It runs from the 16th of September to the 25th of September. During this course you will attend the Enrolment and Registration event, School Induction talks and various other Events that are held around the campus.

The Enrolment and Registration (E&R) event is essentially when you officially get registered as a Queen's student and you do not want to miss it. Also, at the end of the E&R process you will receive your student card for which a passport size photo will be taken during the course, so please dress suitably as this card will stick with you for the rest of the year!

The School Induction programme will be conducted within the respective schools and is an excellent opportunity for you to know more about your course, talk to current as well as other new students and learn from their experience, as well as meet your teachers, professors and other staff members at your school.

The above two events are mandatory for all students and, hence, are held on different dates for different students depending on your course of study. So that you can attend both these events.

Moreover, this programme brings together scores of other events from the Student Guidance Centre, The Students' Union, Elms Village and The International Student Support (ISS) and Postgraduate Student Support and is open to all students, fresh or returning. Primarily, these events are aimed to deliver entertainment and help you settle in your new campus life with ease. Learn more about the campus and make new friends from across the university and around the world. In the past this has proven to be very crucial to student experience.

This year, we plan to do things a little differently! The Central Welcome and Induction Team hope to deliver some taster events such as speed friending, campus tours and drop-in sessions for information on student support. Make sure you make the most of these opportunities and enjoy what we have planned for you!

For more information please follow the link on the left hand side to learn more about the events, key dates and contacts, and download your welcome week induction timetable.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on-board.

All students should familiarise themselves with the Student Charter. This is available to view online:


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E-mail welcome@qub.ac.uk and we'll do our best to solve your query! 

Top Tip: The Student Gateway (available here) is the online portal for Queen's students. You will find links to practical information, procedures and resources that will help keep your studies on track.

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