Speed Mentoring and Skype Nights

Speed Mentoring
Speed Mentoring

These evening events are fun and informative and are open to any student from any discipline.  They are ideal for first-time mentees and are advertised on Myfuture as they become available for students to book They are a great way to get talking to someone who is already working or self-employed in a career path or organisation  that interests you - outside the limits of a formal recruitment process.  Try it out.  Most students tell us afterwards that they really enjoy these evenings and say that they get lots of information and tips in a short space of time.

What is it like at a Speed Mentoring night?  The formal part of speed mentoring is fast moving but there will be guidance and an MC to keep you right.  The atmosphere will be busy and friendly.  You will receive a list of the graduate job roles of the mentors in advance and can let us know which ones you most want to talk to in the 5 formal rounds.  You will also get the chance to talk with any mentor in the room during the informal stage over a final drink and snack. 

What did last year's students think of it?  They gave it a score of 4.8 out of 5 as an overall experience and 100% of them said they would definitely recommend it to peers.

What happens at an alumni panel night?  These events are usually sector based e.g. Law, Finance, Arts and Humanities graduate careers.  They typically involve 3-5 alumni taking it in turns to tell their own career story and giving their tips and suggestions for current students to consider.  There is also opportunity for open discussion and questions from the floor.

How do I book?  All of these evenings will be advertised, as they become available, through the Event booking tool in www.qub.ac.uk/myfuture.

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