Opportunities for Study or Work Overseas

U.S. - NI Mentorship Program

The program provides an opportunity for around 25 students and recent graduates to spend 1 year working in a paid mentored work placement within a corporate/business environment in the USA. The host employers are leading US companies from a range of sectors and the program is open to students, graduates and young professionals who are at least 21 years of age, residents of Northern Ireland and UK or Irish passport holders. The mentorships are tailored to the individual’s background, skills and abilities as well as the company’s needs and opportunities. They are a great opportunity to:

  • Build on existing work experience by undertaking work with an international dimension
  • Gain experience within a unique mentored environment
  • Add real value to your CV and skills profile

For further information and application details:


Study USA

The BEI Programme has undergone a change of name to the Study USA Programme but still involves 12 months studying business-related courses at a U.S. church-affiliated university or college. Places are available at one of over 100 institutions from Florida to Montana or California to North Carolina.  You don't need to be from a business background to apply: Study USA is open to full-time pre-final year students of any discipline from Queen’s and other Northern Ireland higher education institutions. The Programme is intended to produce graduates with an international, business-orientated perspective capable of making a contribution in advancing the Northern Ireland economy. While on the programme, you will take 5 business related courses/modules along with another course of your choice. Study USA is accredited under the Degree Plus Award through the US Certificate in American Business Practice and well regarded by graduate employers.

Applications are made online on the British Council Study USA website – see link below.  The application form normally becomes available in late October/early November for participation in the programme the following academic year.  Students must apply for the programme in their pre-final year and undertake Study USA just before final year.  Students from Medicine and Dentistry must apply for the programme in Level 2 and undertake Study USA between second and third year.  Permission from your School is required.  Information seminars will be held at Queen’s in the Autumn, immediately prior to the application deadline, and will be advertised in the events section of www.qub.ac.uk/myfuture when dates are confirmed.

The Programme provides:

  • An opportunity to experience university life and study in the USA
  • An outward looking, international experience in a new and diverse culture
  • The chance to develop personal and career-related skills and abilities sought by graduate employers
  • An opportunity to set yourself apart from other students by taking part in an exclusive programme

Full information on the Programme and how to apply are on the British Council website


Paul McNulty-IAESTE Student of the Year

IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience)

IAESTE is a student exchange organisation with over 80 member countries worldwide. It provides students from mainly science, engineering and technology disciplines with paid, course-related, technical training abroad and aims to promote international understanding and goodwill. Preference is given to full-time pre-final year undergraduate students from appropriate degree pathways. IAESTE are available in industrial and commercial organisations, research institutes, local government bodies, state enterprises, consultancies, laboratories and academic institutions, covering a wide range of disciplines. Normally the placements are for eight to 12 weeks in the summer months. Benefits include opportunity to:

  • Gain work experience relevant to your degree
  • Gain personal and employment experience abroad
  • Enhance your personal confidence, independence and add real value to your CV and skills profile
  • Learn/develop a foreign language and enhance your communication skills
  • Meet new friends and have fun

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CRCC Asia - China Internship Program

This program offers 1 or 2 month internships for university students of any discipline, any level. Internships will be in a multinational or leading Chinese company in the student’s chosen field in Beijing, China. Popular work areas include Law, Finance, marketing and PR, Green technology and environmental services, Business, Travel and tourism, NGOs, but these are not the only options. Interns need to be able to speak fluent English, but Chinese language skills are not necessary. A full social programme with cultural outings, language study, and professional networking events is also available. Internships can be arranged throughout the year, but applicants need to apply at least a month or two in advance.

As there is a cost involved in participating in the program scholarships are available for the 1 month program for those who would not otherwise be able to take part. Programme benefits include:

  • Experience of a new country and culture
  • Opportunity to gain transferable skills and hands-on experience working in China
  • Develop your employability skills and add an extra dimension to your CV

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European Voluntary Service

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is an EU programme for young people between 18 and 30 years and offers the opportunity to do voluntary work in many different countries and in a wide range of areas such as culture, youth, sports, social care, cultural heritage, the arts, civil protection, the environment, development co-operation and more. All activities have in common an intercultural learning dimension and seek to promote solidarity, mutual understanding and tolerance among young people. Voluntary opportunities can last from 2 to 12 months and it’s possible to undertake EVS activities both individually or in a group. EVS works through a partnership between a host project/organisation, the volunteer and a sending organisation (eg the British Council in the UK) and volunteers choose from accredited EVS projects that interest them. EVS Sending and Hosting Organisations are normally non-governmental organisations/associations, local/regional authorities or other similar bodies. Benefits include:

  • Opportunity to ‘make a difference’ and help promote young people’s active citizenship
  • Develop new skills and benefit from specific training opportunities
  • Experience new cultures and languages

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European Movement Ireland’s Grad Jobs in Europe campaign

Irish people are great at the business of Europe once they get involved. This is evidenced by the number of Irish people working in roles of high responsibility in the EU. People such as John Bell, John Bruton and Catherine Day spring to mind.

The number of Irish graduates looking to the EU for employment and career opportunities has reduced since the mid-90s.  This is due to a number of factors, most importantly Ireland’s booming economy in the mid 1990s and plentiful career opportunities at home. There is a real worry that there are not enough Irish people rising through the ranks of the EU at the moment.  Our focus is to ensure that Irish graduates include Brussels in their post college job search as much as our European counterparts might.

The goal of the Grad Jobs Campaign is to make Irish graduates more aware of the opportunities available for them in the EU system and for more Irish graduates to consider the EU as a place where they could fulfill their career ambitions. We also want Irish graduates, if successful in securing a place in Brussels, to integrate well into Brussels and Team Ireland.

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INTO China

INTO China's exciting programmes gives students the opportunity to study Chinese language for between 4 and 12 weeks over the summer months, as well as to learn more about Chinese culture, and to visit the main tourist attractions in China. Running between June and September these programmes are ideal for students looking for summer study opportunities or short gap year courses. The summer programme includes:

  • 50+ hours of Chinese language tuition over a four week period
  • 3-day orientation in Beijing, exploring all the key tourist sites
  • Transfers to our study centres in Dalian and Tianjin
  • A series of work masterclasses, delivered by professionals from multi-national organisations, designed to give students an insight into the world of work in China as well as networking opportunities
  • Opportunities to participate in cultural activities
  • Weekly excursions

 Visit the INTO China website


It is up to each student to ensure they check the detail of any programme requirements they are considering applying for.

Help in selecting or applying for international opportunities is available from Careers, Employability and Skills.

There is additional general information in the further study section.

A number of these organisations will be visiting the university to talk to students about these experiences. These shall be advertised www.qub.ac.uk/myfuture database, Twitter and Facebook.

For details of year out, vacation or other opportunities please see www.qub.ac.uk/myfuture

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