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Psychometric Tests

Employers use psychometric tests to collect evidence of essential skills and qualities required for a particular job. They are normally used in conjunction with other recruitment activities such as interviews or assessment centre.

There are many types of psychometric tests available, however, verbal and numerical reasoning are the most commonly used for graduates. Candidates considering IT careers may also be tested on logical reasoning.

Aptitude Tests are designed to measure your numerical verbal and logical reasoning abilities.

Personality Tests ask you a lot of questions about how you think you would behave in certain situations. The employer is merely ascertaining your preferred behavioural style to verify this won't conflict with the requirements of the job. Although there are no right or wrong answers you should answer the questions honestly to give a true representation of yourself. All questionnaires have check questions designed to recognise users who try to rig the answers.

Employer self selection tests help identify at an early stage if you are suitable to a particular organisation and match their requirements.

Research psychometric tests well in advance to reduce last minute panicking.

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