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Why do postgraduate study?

There are various reasons for wanting to do postgraduate (or other further) study including: 

  • The course might be compulsory for entry to your chosen career
  • The potential for improving your chances in a competitive career area or job market
  • Providing "currency" in some jobs, e.g. scientific research and development and enhancing your future Career development
  • Your interest in the subject

These may all be perfectly valid reasons but it’s important to consider how postgraduate study would support your career plans and avoid choosing this option in the absence of any better ideas.

As with any other option – do the research! When investigating courses consider the following:

  • What does the course cover and how is it organised (courses in the same subject area can vary in terms of approach, content etc)
  • If vocationally-oriented does it involve work experience or other ‘practical’ aspects?
  • What are the entry requirements (including others beyond academic ones)?
  • Course quality eg teaching/research quality, graduate destinations
  • Is funding available?
  • Is this course the best option for moving forward your career plans? 

More Information:

Remember course closing dates vary from course to course and University to University – some closing dates (such as for PGCEs or for entry to Medicine via UCAS) occur relatively early in the first semester; others are later.

For information about studying at Queen’s go to ‘Study at Queen’s’ on the website

For other institutions - check with them directly.

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