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Main Funding Options

Institutional Funding
Queen’s Postgraduate Centre has information on funding options for postgraduate courses at this University. If considering other universities, use the search tools above and contact the relevant university department for details of any institutional funding.

Government Funding
DEL and University Research Studentships are available for PhDs etc but there is little or no funding for Masters courses, with exceptions such as the North–South Postgraduate Scholarships Information on funding at Queen’s is given above. In Britain funding is administered through a number of research councils covering specific academic areas.

Charities and Trusts
Educational trusts, foundations and charities offer a measure of funding within specific criteria, eg based on subject areas, location and other criteria. The Postgraduate Funding database searches many of these sources. Other sources of information are available for reference in the Careers Information Area of the Student Guidance Centre.

Alternative sources
Findamasters run a Masters scholarship competition every year run a competition for bursaries to fund postgraduate study
There are some scholarships to study in the UK for students from Commonwealth countries and for UK students to study in other Commonwealth countries. You can find more information from the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Professional and Career Development Loan is a fixed rate loans through selected banks for some further study courses. Unlike a Student Loan, repayments start on these loans as soon as the course ends, regardless of earnings.

Many students fund their further study either partly or wholly themselves through a combination of part-time work, savings, parental support etc. This option requires careful consideration before making any commitments.


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