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Studying Overseas

Studying in Europe, as well as countries such as the USA, Australia is always popular. Reasons for doing so can include wanting to study in a different country and culture, maybe at a world-class institution. It may also be relevant to your career plans and interests. You may also be interested because you already have friends or family in the country in which you are interested. Doing further study abroad may well require a significant personal and financial commitment and it’s important to think through all the options, issues and practicalities well ahead of time. Some key issues to consider are:

  • Start your planning earlier than you would for study in the UK - during your penultimate year is the best time to begin investigating the opportunities
  • Take care to fully investigate the course, university and country options – it’s a big world out there!
  • Costs could be high and gaining funding is not necessarily easy. Contact your chosen institution(s) for details of funding options as early as possible and assess the facilities and support for international students
  • Check your academic qualifications are acceptable
  • If relevant, consider your ability to cope with any language requirements

Useful starting points include: