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Studying at Queen's and Elsewhere in the UK

Further study at Queen’s

If you wish to continue your studies at Queen’s there are many postgraduate study options. To find out more go to Queen’s postgraduate information to check out course options and other details. You should also take the opportunity to talk to relevant academic staff in Schools and attend any information/open day events. Course applications can be made online at the above-mentioned webpages.

Studying outside Northern Ireland

UK/Ireland – studying at another university in the UK or Republic of Ireland is definitely an option worth considering. Competition for places on some postgraduate courses in Northern Ireland can be intense and you may stand more chance of success by also applying outside. Other reasons might be the course/university has:

  • Content is more in line with your interests, career plans etc
  • Offers particular expertise and/or areas of specialist research
  • A good reputation
  • Funding available

Or you simply fancy a change of scene. For more information on what’s available use the links below: