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Alumni Career Mentoring

Alumni Career Mentoring
Alumni Career Mentoring

This is a super opportunity for students to be introduced to an experienced graduate who has succeeded in building the sort of career that‌‌ genuinely interests you.  Over 200 students "tried it and liked it" in recent years. 



The Alumni Career Mentoring Scheme is a one-to-one option for able and ambitious students who are sure of their career goal and are in Level 2 or above (including postgraduates).  Some options for group meetings with a mentor are also facilitated.  Interested students submit an application form to  (see the Link to the form below) plus attend an Alumni Career Mentoring Induction Workshop before or after submitting an application (advertised under Careers Events in Myfuture)

"My whole experience of this mentoring scheme has been fantastic."  

"Valuable contacts were opened to me"  

"The mentor-mentee match was excellent"   (Mentee comments 2013 and 2014)  

Application Form for Mentees (Complete in full)

List of available mentors -  also shown on Myfuture>Career Mentoring     

Career Mentoring and Degree Plus (Route B) 

Mentor Application Form (via LinkedIn )


Speed Mentoring Evenings, and alumni panel nights:  Generally open to any student, great for first-time mentees and are advertised in the Careers Events section of Myfuture. These are fast moving and enjoyable.  You will get the chance to talk with up to 12 Alumni and other graduate professionals who are employed or self-employed in a large organisation or a specialist SME.  Click here to find out more including how to book.  

FAQs for Alumni Career Mentoring Scheme (One-to-One Scheme)

Can Any Student Apply for one-to-one mentoring through the Alumni Career Mentoring Scheme?

This scheme is open to any able and ambitious student from any discipline in Level 2 or above (including postgraduates).  Students who apply should demonstrate that they:

  • have a strong interest in pursuing a specific career path or profession within local, national and/or global graduate job markets
  • are able and ambitious (e.g. academic performance on the Queen's degree would be useful evidence)

Who Are The Mentors?

The mentors are volunteers who are, typically (but not exclusively), alumni of Queen's who have between 5 and 35 years of experience in a particular career path or profession.  To view a list of the career paths of mentors who have volunteered to participate in the Scheme this year, click here or use the career mentoring tool in Myfuture to register your interest.

What Happens During the Mentoring Stage?

Students are matched with a mentor will engage in a series of 4 positive and constructive conversations about their career and employability plans via telephone, email and/or Skype.

How Do I Apply?

Submit a fully completed Application/Registration Form to: and attend an Induction Workshop. Students, Please note that the quality of your application will be important.

There are 3 Rounds of the Scheme each year. The closing dates for each Round for 2014-2015 are as follows:

Semester 1 Closing Date:  Midnight, 18.11.16

Semester 2 Closing Date:  Midnight, 24.02.17

There is often more than one application for each mentor so early application is recommended)

As places are limited and depend upon finding a suitable match of interests, it may not be possible to pair all students and alumni who apply on this particular occassion.  Matched mentors and students will also need to participate in a training activity before commencing the scheme.  This will take the form of an Alumni Career Mentoring Induction workshop for student mentees. Students can book via "Careers Events" in Myfuture.  There is also a brief online training activity for mentors.  For further details about the scheme and the application process please read the information provided below or e-mail us at

Application Form for Mentees :  Shown in the main information above Registration Form for Mentors are shown in the main information above
Further Information about Mentee Training         Further Information about Mentor Training      

Can graduates of Queen's also apply for alumnus to alumnus mentoring?

Yes.  Alumni Career Mentoring is included in the Careers service offering to graduates up to 2 years after the date of their graduation (see Mentee Application Form above).

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