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Stage 1 Application/ Registration Student applications and mentor registrations are accepted at any time during the year
Stage 2 Induction Mentor and Mentee Inductions: Student complete a one hour induction workshop. Mentors are provided with online materials and online self-check exercise
Stage 3 Matching/ Pairing Students who have submitted an application form, of an appropriate standard, and have completed an induction workshop are put through to the matching stage (where at least 2 members of staff from Queen's Alumni Office and Careers, Employability and Skills agree suitable pairings based on the stated aspirations/ experience provided in application forms). The mentor and mentee are then emailed and introduced to each other.
Stage 4 Mentoring The mentoring sessions shall commence immediately after each pair has been introduced (at a time convenient to the mentor).  The session consists of 4 positive and constructive conversations, via telephone and email (or Skype).
Stage 5 Closure There will be a formal closure of the Queen’s scheme after the 4th engagement or 6 months from the time of introduction (whichever comes first).

Career Mentor Training

Where a match for a mentor and mentee is found (in terms of career development interests/experiences etc) Careers, Employability and Skills will contact both parties regarding a short training event or activity.  In the case of mentors, this involves being provided with an information pack and asked to; 

Mentors will only be asked to complete the application and training stage on one occassion only and will held on the alumni career mentor list for future years.