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As a student at Queen’s there are a wide range of opportunities to enhance your student experience such as joining clubs and societies, volunteering and part-time work to name but a few. Recently there had been a growth in competitions which engage students in project based learning. They are in many ways like the apprentice on line where students have to upload information about themselves to compete for a business challenge or complete a case study.

You may be interested in looking at the following competitions:

Due to the nature of the information contained in this sectionsome parts may be out of date and therefore we would always advise you to check that information is correct and up to date.


Gap 360

Interns needed to try out new gap year trips for free - apply today!

Free gap year trip - yes we mean it!

Gap 360, the definitive new gap year travel company launching this autumn has set up some awesome new trips around the world.

Before we launch we're on the hunt for some intrepid explorers to visit and rate our volunteer projects, adventure hotspots, tourist attractions, tours, hotels and hostels across the globe.

If you're up to the task of flying out to foreign lands, and have the skills to interview project managers, tour operators, other travellers, and take on the travel-writing task of jotting down a daily blog, you could be in with the chance of becoming one of our interns.

You'll take photos, videos and stay in regular contact with the UK office, so you'll need to be outgoing, motivated and smart with proven writing skills.

In return we'll send you out on a free gap travel journey.
So what are you waiting for?

Go to for more information




Registrations are open for the UBC UK 2014-15 and you can get discounts if you register your teams by 30 June.  In addition, if you register before 31 May 2014, we will give you one free team for every 2 teams entered, i.e. 3 for 2. We don't need to know team member names at this stage, just the number of teams you want to enter.

You can register the number of teams you want to enter now via the UBC website at:




PA’s Raspberry Pi-making competition will inspire children to take up computer science – we need your help

PA Consulting Group is teaming up with the makers of the Raspberry Pi – a credit-card sized single-board computer – in a high-profile competition to inspire more young adults to take an active interest computer programming.

As a University Careers Service, you can help make this project a success by encouraging the students at your university to enter the competition.

Why are we holding the competition?

The Raspberry Pi is an affordable computer launched with the intention of stimulating more interest in the IT industry in students (click here for more info). PA think this is an excellent initiative, which aligns with many of our values and strengths as a firm and we want to encourage the use of the Raspberry Pi to innovate. We are also looking to leverage the competition to attract more talented individuals with a keen interest in IT to join our firm.

What does the competition involve?

We are challenging entrants to create something using the Raspberry Pi that will benefit the world. This is intentionally a very broad challenge that gives entrants the scope to work on something about which they are really passionate. Their creation could benefit the environment, enable the delivery of better healthcare, make it easier to work with large amounts of data, make information more secure or do something completely different – it's up to them.

Who is the competition open to?

Entrants are teams of up to six people (plus a minimum of one adult mentor for categories 1,2 and 3), who must be UK-based for the duration of the competition. There are five categories:

  1. Primary school years 4 to 6: ages 8 - 11 – Primary school. We anticipate entries in this category will be driven by teachers, interested parents or after-school clubs.
  2. Secondary school years 7 to 11: ages 12 - 16 – Pre and GCSE. We anticipate entries in this category will be driven by teachers, interested parents and nascent hackers
  3. Secondary school years 12 to 13: ages 16 - 18 – Further education. We anticipate entries in this category are more likely to be self-driven, with some oversight from schools
  4. Undergraduate – Higher education. Entries in this category should be self-driven
  5. Open – Anyone (e.g. IT professionals). Entries in this category should be self-driven.

What do the entrants get for winning?

  • £1,000 for the winning school in categories 1 to 3 and for open entrants in category 5.
  • Salaried summer internship at PA for one team-member in the winning team in category 4 (subject to interview) or a cash prize.
  • All winners will receive a custom made case for your Pi, lovingly engineered by PA's Cambridge team.

How do I get involved?

To register your interest in Raspberry Pi as a University Careers Service and help us make the competition a success, please email


The Undergraduate Awards

Cited as the ultimate champion for high potential undergraduates, The Undergraduate Awards is the world’s only pan-discipline academic awards programme that identifies leading creative thinkers through their undergraduate coursework.

As well as coming to Dublin for an all-expenses-paid trip to receive their medal, UA provides top performing students with the support, network and opportunities they require to raise their profiles and further their career paths.

Gradireland National Student Challenge

What happens twice in a week, once in a year but never in a day? If you can figure it out and would like to win €1,000, the gradireland National Student Challenge is for you!

The gradireland National Student Challenge gives you the chance to see how you compare to students from across Ireland in a variety of areas, not just academics! It is free to enter; it is all online and will only take 40 minutes of your time.

The online element of the Challenge is now open and will run until February 2015. At that point the Top 60 students on the leaderboard will be invited to take part in the Final Day Event. There they will be put through six physical and mental Challenges, set by our employer partners, which will determine the winner of the Challenge.

Check out this video to see what last year’s National Student Challenge entailed!

Are you up to the Challenge? Take it today!


European Space Agency- Drop Your Thesis

The Drop Your Thesis! programme gives university students, from Bachelor’s to PhD level, the opportunity to perform scientific or technological research in microgravity conditions. The gravity levels that are obtained in ZARM Drop tower experiments are as low as 10-6 g and last for about 5 to 10 seconds. This is the same level that is attained for experiments on the International Space Station, and is enough for a multitude of scientific research opportunities.

The submission deadline for student microgravity experiment proposals has been extended until 1 February 2015. Interested university students have now a few more weeks to apply to ESA's Drop Your Thesis! 2015 programme by following the steps outlined here: