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E-folio and other recording tools for PDP

“It's a dream until you write it down, and then its a goal” - Anonymous

Taking time out to stop, think and record your key achievements and goals has a number of benefits. It helps you to build up a database of personal achievements and has the following benefits:

  • Making a note of you main achievements and setting a few personal goals is a good to motivating yourself and improve self-confidence.  Many successful sports and professional people use this strategy to help them to focus on the things that they really want to achieve.  Try it out for yourself, write down 3 or 4 things that you would really like to do over the next year and review it in 12 months to see how you got on. 
  • Having a database of your evidenced achievements and skills will be useful aide-mémoire ensure that you do not miss any important points about yourself and your experiences when you want to apply for a job, postgraduate course or produce a CV for professional purposes.

Some schools provide a paper-based PDP/Feedback Handbook or Learning Log but most will encourage you to make use of the e-portfolio and achievement logger in Myfuture.  The Achievement Logger has been designed to help you to record your skills and achievements in an organised manner that can, ultimately, help you to evidence your performance for potential employers.  You can share your e-porfolio with other by creating a URL or QRS code that you then email to relevant parties as required.  Bear in mind that, as is good practice with CVs or other information that you share, the e-portfolio can be;

  • edited for a range of purposes
  • taken away with you when you leave Queen’s