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Administration and Management

The terms administration and management can form part of a role requirement, be the full title of a role but generally prevade all types of jobs.

This resource will give you an insight into the range of sectors, the depth of the role and level of professionalism associated with these terms.

Read our Sector Guide - Management (pdf) get an overview of these opportunities.

Further information on types of job can be found on Prospects Explore Types of Job and Gradireland Career Sectors.

More about different employment options with your degree can be found on Prospects Options With Your Subject.

Administration-  Administration| Clerical and Secretarial Services

Research and Management Services- Managment Consultancy| Statistical Services| Research Services| Translating and Interpreting| Human Resources, Recruitment and Training

Further Reading and Information


Further Reading and Information

We have a number of reference materials available in the Student Guidance Centre as well as some online resources listed below.

Prospects Job Sectors and Gradireland sector career guides will help you to search for employment in this employment sector.

Prospects Job Sectors

Gradireland Career Sector Guides


The Job Crowd



"Consulting industry" with thanks to CareerPlayer, Graduate Jobs and Career Advice on video



"Property industry" With thanks to CareerPlayer, Graduate Jobs and Career Advice on video


We have lots of really useful information resources in a variety of formats available in MyFuture and the Student Guidance Centre Hub including WI-FI, FREE TEA and COFFEE.

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