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Oncampus Jobs Code of Practice - Students


  1. Enrolled and registered undergraduate and postgraduate students currently attending a course of study at Queen's University, Belfast and Graduands of Queens University Belfast only will be eligible for registration with Oncampus Jobs (i.e. students who have made application through UCAS or Central Administration at QUB).  Also eligible are students on a Placement Year that is a requirement for their course or students who are registered for exams only.  Stranmillis University College, St. Mary's and University of Ulster students are currently not eligible to use the service.  Any student who is also not in good standing with the University may be restricted from using Oncampus Jobs and may be removed from the register.

  2. Oncampus Jobs will advertise around the University each year for students for its register.

  3. Students must keep the Jobshop informed of any change to their registration details, eg. change of address, telephone number etc.

  4. As casual, term-time, summer vacation and one year placement vacancies become available, they will be advertised to our registered Student Assistants by e-mail and through MyFuture.

  5. The Oncampus Jobs Service will provide students with information about the employing School/ Department/ Unit which is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. All information given is in good faith and is based on information from the Schools/ Departments/ Units, as notified to the Jobshop Co-ordinator.

  6. Any registered student who fails to attend a pre-arranged interview with a School/ Department/ Unit without good reason or who otherwise abuse the service may, following an appropriate investigation, be restricted from using Oncampus Jobs and may be removed from the register.

  7. Students should notify their employing department and the Jobshop Co-ordinator if they are unable to complete their agreed work task.

  8. If students are dissatisfied with their employing School/ Department/ Unit, they should attempt to resolve the matter internally. If this fails, Oncampus Jobs will provide advice and guidance to the student.

  9. The Jobshop Co-ordinator will provide information about employment issues such as tax, equal opportunities, discipline and grievance procedures or, where appropriate, direct the student to another source which can offer more specialised information and guidance.

  10. Students requiring information or guidance on a range of issues not directly relating to a vacancy, e.g. writing a CV, information about financial support, will be directed to an appropriate source, usually within the University. Careers, Employability and Skills offers a programme of workshops designed to support students in developing their skills for employment. For details of these workshops and other services offered please visit MyFuture for further information.

  11. Oncampus Jobs does not employ graduates.  This service is only open to enrolled and registered students currently attending a course of study at Queens University Belfast and Graduands of Queens University, Belfast.  Student status is normally conferred from the date and time of full registration to midnight on the date of the first available graduation unless stated otherwise in the pathway regulations.  In line with this, if a student decides to defer their graduation to a later date and he/she is working through Oncampus Jobs, their contract will automatically end on the first available date for graduation.

  12. Students are expected to be aware of their study commitments and not to take employment which will adversely affect their academic work. Please note that full-time students should not work in excess of 15 hours per week, except during vacations or other times when a student does not have the usual study pressures. (student status permitting as per academic level and/ or UK Visa and Immigration requirements).

    NB   Postgraduate Research Students

    Postgraduate Research Students are eligible to be registered with Oncampus Jobs and employed on campus through this service.  
    In order to ensure that all postgraduate research students have access to opportunities to build work experience and develop skills through part-time work they may be registered with us and employed as follows:

              PhD Full-time students

              For a maximum period of four years from date of first registration as an undifferentiated
              research student**

              MPhil Full-time students

              For a maximum period of three years from date of first registration as an
              undifferentiated research student**

              In exceptional circumstances consideration may be given by the Jobshop to extending
              the period of employment beyond these timeframes.

                 *University Conduct Regulations apply

              ** University Regulations associated with PhD and MPhil research degrees.

             Deadlines for giving notice and for submitting a thesis:



        Submission of Thesis


         1 February

        1 May


         1 May

        15 September