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You can make an appointment in any one of the following ways:

0808 800 0016 (free from landline and mobile) 



calmyou is a new online multimedia programme available to all students and staff at Queen’s University Belfast.  It uses clinically proven self-help tools to identify, motivate and educate you around common mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia.   Once issues are identified, calmyou - Computer Aided Lifestyle Management – can help deal with the thoughts and feelings associated with them. Also included is information for those looking to reduce their intake of alcohol or other addictive substances.

calmyou is provided free to staff and students by the University.

What self-help tools are used within calmyou?

  • Anxiety and depression relief - assessment tools and multimedia personal programmes using proven cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.
  • Stress relief – additional proven relaxation and visualisation techniques.
  • Insomnia relief – additional proven sleep hygiene and stimulus control techniques.
  • Drink and Drug Wise – information section.  This was developed for an American audience, so the characters and some of the information is aimed at the US rather than the UK population.
These interactive tools enable you to identify your personal profile, set individual targets and track progress.  The programme includes videos showing examples and best practice solutions to common problems, and offers printable factsheets and resources. It is best to access calmyou when you won’t be disturbed, or by using headphones.
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  How do I access calmyou?

For new users:

  • Login to Queen’s Online. 
  • Under University Documents, select calmyou
  • Follow instructions to set up account.

 For current users:

Is it confidential?

The University will not receive any personal details about individuals accessing the service or about problems entered into the programme. We receive only demographic information (such as age, gender and faculty) based on what you enter when you first register on the programme.

When and Where can I use it?

calmyou is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from any PC with internet access.  Speakers or headphones are recommended to allow you to hear video clips and instructions. You may wish to be connected to a printer to allow you to print out relevant information sheets.


We would welcome views on the usefulness of calmyou and how we might improve it. Comments may be entered in the relevant section.


IMPORTANT: This programme is not intended as a replacement for required medical or professional advice for serious health problems or difficulties.  If in doubt or in need of immediate assistance, please consult your GP. Students experiencing difficulty also have access to the Queen’s University Counselling Service on 0800 800 0016 or

Staff experiencing difficulties have access to Carecall on 0800 389 5362.

Additional Emergency Telephone Support:

Out of Hours line (freephone 24 hr): 0808 800 0002

Samaritans:  028 9066 4422 or 0845 790 9090 

For Technical Difficulties with calmyou contact:

Neil Chandarana
5th Floor Winchester House,
259 Old Marylebone Road,
London NW1 5RA
Phone: 020 7535 2058