Counselling Service

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You can make an appointment in any one of the following ways:

0808 800 0016 (free from landline and mobile) 


1.What is the Counselling Service?

The Counselling Service is a friendly and professional service freely available to students, staffed by qualified and experienced counsellors. As counselling gives you the time and space to explore issues which are impacting on your ability to study, such as personal growth, relationships, fear of failure, bereavement, anxiety and depression, we are here to best support you during your time at university. No problem is ever too big or small; we are simply here for you!

2.Why is there such a service at Queen’s?

Most students have problems at some time during their University study. Therefore, many find it useful to share these with someone outside their own circle of acquaintances and friends in order to find help and support.

To ensure we have the best range of counsellors possible, the University works in partnership with a local agency, Carecall, to provide a responsive service to students.

3.What happens in counselling?

Counselling offers you an opportunity to talk freely about your situation with someone who won’t judge you or rush to offer advice. You will be encouraged to develop an understanding of what is happening in order to begin planning for and working towards change. Counselling at Queen's is solution focused and helps you to find ways of helping yourself which are in keeping with your abilities, personality, values and lifestyles.

4. Do I have to pay anything?

No. The Counselling Service is available and free to all Queen’s  students.

5. How long can I expect to wait for an appointment?

We will endeavour to offer you an initial appointment within 3 working days of your request. Should you need to see someone right away, there is a Duty Counsellor in the office everyday from 9am-5pm. Call or come in and you will be able to speak to someone.

6. How many sessions can I have?

This will be something you and your counsellor will discuss at the first session.

7. How long are the sessions?

Each counselling session lasts for approximately fifty minutes.


8. Is the Service accessible to students with a disability?

Yes. There are two lifts located in the Student Guidance Centre. If you have any special requirements, please let us know in advance so we can best accommodate you.

9. Will my counsellor discuss my problems with anyone else, either my Advisor of Studies or another outside party?

All the counselling provided at the Counselling Service is given in the strictest confidence. We will not talk to anybody without discussing it with you first and getting your permission, e.g. if you wish us to write a letter to a tutor. In exceptional circumstances, such as you being at risk of harm or at risk of harming another person, the counsellor may talk to someone without seeking your permission, although you will be informed.