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Assessment Interview

Assessment Interview

If you disclose your disability on your application form a copy will be sent to Disability Services and you may be invited to complete a short questionnaire outlining the nature of your disability and the type of support you may require.

Once you have accepted your firm offer you will be invited to meet with a member of Disability Services staff for an assessment interview.

The purpose of the assessment interview is to determine what support is appropriate for you throughout your time at Queen's.

General support might include:

  • the arrangement of University accommodation
  • prior registration
  • campus orientation

Learning and teaching support might include:

  • the provision of photocopies of OHPs
  • course materials in alternative formats
  • use of a phonic ear system

In terms of in-course assessment and examination support you might require:

  • a scribe, reader or interpreter
  • assessment/exam papers in alternative formats
  • extra time or rest breaks
  • consideration for spelling, grammar and handwriting

Some support may be required from other departments, for example, extended library loans might be organised with the library or parking arrangements might be made with the Estates department.

At the assessment interview Disability Services will determine whether or not you are eligible for funding from the Disabled Students' Allowance or any other appropriate source of funding. If funding is available to you consideration will be given to any equipment you may require, your transport support requirements and whether or not you require support from a non-medical helper. Once your funded support requirements have been assessed Disability Services will assist you with the funding application to ensure that the appropriate support is in place for you as soon as possible.


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