Student Guidance Centre


University Policy on Disability

Queen's is committed to equality of opportunity for all students and will, therefore, strive to facilitate students with disabilities as an integral part of the Queen's community.

There are six principles, which underlie this commitment:

  1. Equality to physical access, to information and to safety, as far is practically possible.
  2. The responsibility to promote informed and constructive attitudes to disability.
  3. The responsibility to adjust customs and practices if they create inequality of opportunity for people with disabilities.
  4. The recognition that fewer students with disabilities apply for academic courses at Queen's than it would wish. Queen's therefore recognises its responsibility to encourage an increase in the proportion of students with disabilities who apply and are admitted to the University to a level, which is more reflective of the proportion of people with disabilities in the community at large.
  5. The responsibility to accommodate, insofar as is practicable, all qualified applicants irrespective of disability.
  6. That adequate provision for disability depends on cooperation among local educational institutions, and between them and groups which represent people with disabilities, and Queen's actively commits itself to such cooperation.

The full Student Disability Policy and Guidlines are available here.

Guidelines for staff marking the work of students with dyslexia can be found here.


If you have a disability or additional needs due to a medical or other difficulty, we strongly recommend that you register with Disability Services as early as possible. Your information will only be shared with those who require it in order to make any adjustments necessary to enable you to participate in your course and the many opportunities Queen’s has to offer. This will only be done with your approval and your right to confidentiality will be respected at all times.