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Support Providers

Support Providers

A register of freelance part-time professional and non-professional support providers has been created to assist students with disabilities in higher education. The following categories of support providers are included in the register:

  • Educational Psychologists
  • Typists/Audio-Typists
  • Dyslexia Support Tutors
  • Note-takers
  • Mathematics/Statistics Tutors
  • Readers
  • Foreign Language Tutors
  • Library Helpers
  • Information Technology Tutors
  • Signers/Interpreters
  • Personal Care Assistants

At your assessment interview, Disability Services will discuss with you whether or not you might benefit from the support of a non-medical helper. This type of support can be funded from the Disabled Students' Allowance or possibly from other sources. If you feel that you require a non-medical helper, the nature of support and the number of hours required will be agreed. We will then help you to identify a suitable support provider and advise you of how to ensure that payment is made for the support you receive.

We are aware that some students may be reluctant to have a support provider. However, you should bear in mind that all support providers will have undergone appropriate training and will be anxious to meet your individual support requirements. You will be able to meet with several prospective support providers and choose the one you feel you will work best with. You will then be able to discuss the logistics of the support with your support provider so you both know what will happen, for example, you may agree with a note-taker that they do not sit beside you in lectures.

If you require a support worker, Disability Services will be able to provide you with a copy of the relevant section of the Register of Support Providers to enable you to identify someone suitable to work with you.

Some students may require support from a Personal Care Assistant and Disability Services works with a number of other agencies to source this if required.


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