Student Guidance Centre

Guidance Notes for Support Workers

There are some excellent guidelines and web resources, including downloadable Study Skills Plans and time management tools, on the Learning Development Service website.

Also, please see The National Autistic Society website for its student mentor guidelines, 'Supporting Students on the Autism spectrum'.


Exam Scribe and Reader Guidelines for Support Providers

Copy of Notes Policy (Nursing Students Only)

Providing Campus Assistant Support to Students

Providing Dyslexia Tutor Support to Students

Providing Exam Prompter Support to Students

Providing Library Assistant Support to Students

Providing Note Taker support to students

Providing Proof Reader Support to Students

Providing Study Skills Support to Students

Supporting Deaf/Hearing Impaired Students

Supporting students in Distress

Supporting students with Asperger's Syndrome

Supporting students with Mental Health Difficulties

Places to Work with your Students

The McClay Library Use

Difficulties Contacting Students and Getting Work Records Signed

Work Record

Work Record Guidance Notes

Work Record Payment Schedule

Learning Plan

Learning Plan Guidance Notes

Photocopying Card Guidance Notes

Reference Books

Concerned about suicide