Payment Options 2016-17

Payment Options

The payment options detailed in the table below are available for the academic year 2016-17. Also outlined in the table are the cohorts of students eligible to avail of these options.


Payment Option  Further Information Eligible students


Defer Fees

Defer fees by applying for a tuition fee loan with the Student Loan Company (SLC)




A single application form is used for applying for a tuition fee loan, maintenance loan and grant.

Students first registering in 2016-17 should complete a PN1 form.

returning students should complete a PR1 form.

Students can apply online for a tuition fee loan, maintenance loan and grant. 





NI/EU/GB Undergraduate students

NI/EU/GB Postgraduate Taught students- Designated Courses only



Direct Debit (DD)

Sign up to a Direct Debit (DD)  

Make a mandatory minimum deposit payment of 25% at enrolment, followed by 3 bi-monthly direct debit payments at the end of November, January and March inclusive (or with 4 working days). 






A Direct Debit (DD) Mandate must be completed by the bank account holder and submitted to the Student Finance Office by 10th October 2016

DD Form 

A new Direct Debit Mandate form needs to be completed and submitted for each academic year.  If the bank account holder is NOT A STUDENT at the University, then a  copy of their drivers license or a recent utility bill, with the account holder name and address, must be provided with the direct debit mandate form, to verify the identification of the account holder.  Mandates submitted without this identification will be deemed ineligible. 

The Direct Debt facility is only available to those people who have a UK Current Bank Account (Not a Savings account) which is recognised by the Direct Debt Scheme.

If you have signed up to pay by DD and the DD mandate and the mandatory minimum payment are not received by 10th October 2016, a reminder letter will be issued by 1 November 2016 for the full tuition fees outstanding. Suspensions will be applied in December 2016 if fees remain outstanding. 

Exam charges and Thesis Only charges cannot be paid by Direct Debit.




NI/EU/GB/ISLAND Undergraduate students


NI/EU/GB/ISLAND Postgraduate students


International Undergraduate Students


International Postgraduate Students



Payment of Exam charges and Thesis Only charges.

Payment - International Bank Transfer


PaytoStudy Button


Queen’s University Belfast has engaged with PaytoStudy, a specialist provider of international payment services, to offer non-UK students the ability to make tuition fee payments using secure bank transfers in their local currency.

Students who use the PaytoStudy service will be able to make a payment at their own bank in their local currency and will be offered a competitive exchange rate without incurring international bank transfer charges. Students are advised to compare the exchange rate offered with other providers.

To make a payment using the PaytoStudy service, students should complete the following steps;

  1. Log on to the Queen’s University Belfast PaytoStudy link:
  2. Complete the brief registration form, indicate the sterling payment to be made to Queen’s University Belfast and receive a quote in the local currency indicated by the student.
  3. Transfer the quoted local currency funds to the PaytoStudy bank account.
  4. Email scanned copies or smartphone photos of the following documents to;
  • Bank Transfer Receipt
  • Passport
  • Letter of Offer/Invoice/Statement

Once PaytoStudy has received the local currency funds and required documents, PaytoStudy will transfer the sterling funds to Queen’s University Belfast. A confirmation email will be issued to the student.

For more details about the PaytoStudy process, click here.



Sponsor Payment


All sponsor letters need to be submitted by 17 October 2016.

The Letter must be on official letter-headed paper and provide the following details: 

  • Student name 
  • Sponsor contact name
  • Address to which invoices should be sent by the University
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Contact Email Address
  • Amount of Sponsorship
  • Duration of Sponsorship

An invoice will be issued to the Sponsor in early November 2014. Payment is due 30 days from the date of invoice.

The tuition fee liability will revert to the student if fees remains outstanding after the due date.  Sponsors should be aware that any unpaid fees may lead to the student(s) being suspended.

Suspensions will be applied should these fees continue to remain outstanding. A sponsor letter will need to be provided at the beginning of each academic year, at enrolment and registration, for the duration of the sponsorship. 



NI/EU/GB/ISLAND Undergraduate students


NI/EU/GB/ISLAND Postgraduate students


International Undergraduate Students


International Postgraduate Students




Payment/Instalment Plan


A minimum 25% deposit payment must be made at enrolment and registration (non-refundable*) followed by 3 further bi-monthly payments at the end of November, January and March.

Students eligible should click on the following link to download an application form and instruction for signing up to a Payment Plan Distance Learning Appendix 1

Students must sign up to a Payment Plan by 10 October 2016



Only applicable for students who are enrolled on a Distance Learning Course.


Pay in Full

Pay the full tuition fee on enrolment by credit/debit card


If one of the above payment options is not selected, outstanding tuition fees and charges must be paid in full at enrolment and registration. Payment can be made using the methods detailed below.

If payment is not made, a reminder letter will be issued by 1 November 2016 and suspensions will be applied in December 2016.





Payment by Cash/Cheque



Cheques should be made payable to 'Queen's University Belfast' quoting the Student number on the back, and posted to the following address; 

Student Finance Office
Student Guidance Centre
Queen's University Belfast
University Road

Cheques or bank drafts must be drawn in pounds sterling and the University will not accept post-dated cheques.

Cash cannot be accepted at the University enrolment sites, and only up to a maximum of £300 at the Student Finance Office.



NI/EU/GB/ISLAND Undergraduate students


NI/EU/GB/ISLAND Postgraduate students


International Undergraduate Students


International Postgraduate Students



Payment - Credit/Debit Card




Payment can be made online via the registration wizard or through 'self-service' on the student's Qsis account, or by phoning the Helpline on 028 9097 3223.

It should be noted that debit/credit card payments made on-line* will be processed to student accounts immediately at the point of payment.

Debit/credit card payments made in person or by telephone may take up to one working day to be processed to student accounts. During the period of enrolment and registration, this may take longer.

The University accepts payment via:

  • Visa Debit/Credit
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro

The University does not accept payment via:

  • American Express
  • Solo
  • Laser

*On-going problems have been encountered when trying to pay online when using Apples web browser Safari.  Please use Internet Explorer for all online payments.



NI/EU/GB/ISLAND Undergraduate students


NI/EU/GB/ISLAND Postgraduate students


International Undergraduate Students


International Postgraduate Students


Payment - Other Bank Transfers

To pay by bank transfer directly to Queen's Bank Account, the payment must quote the student's number, and be made payable to the University's bank account below: 

Bank Address : Ulster Bank Limited 91/93 University Road Belfast BT7 1NG
Sort Code: 98-01-55
Account Number: 30090175
Account Name

Queen's University Belfast Tuition Fee Account

It is essential that the bank processing the transfer quotes the name of the student and his/her student number (also known as EmplId) on the transaction. If this information is not included, it may result in a delay in processing the payment to the student’s account.

For payments that originate outside the United Kingdom, but within the European Union, the following IBAN number should be quoted.

IBAN GB52 ULSB 9801 5530 0901 75