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The Information Desk
Student Guidance Centre
Queen's University Belfast

Tel: (028) 9097 2727

Fax: (028) 9097 2828

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Role: Student Information Assistant

School: Management 

Three top tips for student life at Queen's:

Working at the Information desk has given me an insight into the extensive range of services offered at Queen’s University. I would say the top three tips for life as a student in Queen’s would be to get involved with the different clubs and societies that are available for students because while they look great on your CV, it is a really good way to meet loads of new friends. In addition, I would suggest that students take advantage of the various services offered in the Student Guidance Centre, such as counselling, careers guidance and even help with writing essays. My final tip for life as a student in Queen’s would be to try and get as much work experience as you can before leaving, as employers are not only looking for qualifications but practical knowledge as well. Working part-time during your studies is a great way to get some extra money as well as learn valuable transferable skills.