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The Information Desk
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Role: Student Information Assistant

School: Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Three top tips for student life at Queen's:

My advice is to jump in head first and get involved in all the different opportunities Queen's has to offer. Starting at a new university can be a daunting experience the best way to find your feet is to get immersed in new activities straight away. It is a great way to meet new friends and keep active! 

I found attending my school induction events very useful in order to hit the ground running with my coursework. Introduce yourself to your lecturers and don’t be afraid to approach them – they are your most helpful resource in succeeding with your studies!

In addition, I think it is vital to look after your wellbeing and stay balanced. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and get as much sleep as you can. University life is an exciting time so ensure you stay well and refreshed and get the most out of your time here at Queen's.