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Role: Student Information Assistant

School: Law 

Three top tips for student life at Queen's:

1) Take advantage of the careers service from day 1.  The process of applying for graduate schemes can be time consuming and daunting. Using the careers service beginning in your first year can give you a real advantage and help you get through the process with ease. For example, I've attended employer presentations held by the careers service and learned about the London Law Study Tour, all of these opportunities helped me figure out which law firms might suit me best. I also had my CV's structure and content reviewed which helped bring it up to the standard that a law firm's graduate recruiter would expect. 

2) Be active beyond the classroom. Get involved in extracurricular activities, volunteer and part-time work. These activities can help you meet new people and gain practical skills that cannot be learned in classes and tutorials. Personally I've gotten involved on my former university's newspaper and at Queen's I've gotten involved in internal and external mooting competitions which have allowed me to practice and hone essential skills required of a barrister or solicitor and teamwork skills. I've also worked part-time waitressing and here in the Student Guidance Centre throughout my studies. These jobs have given me valuable transferable skills that will serve me in good stead in a professional role. 

3) Have fun! Take advantage of nights out organised through the Student Union and through your School representatives. It's a great way to get to know your classmates better!