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Learning Development Service
Student Guidance Centre

Tel: +44 (0)28 9097 3618

E-mail: lds@qub.ac.uk

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Normal hours are Monday-Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Evening and Skype appointments are available upon request.

2011 Teaching Award Recipient

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Practical Tips

Read your module handbook and highlight key information, such as assessment requirements and referencing styles. Take responsibility for knowing what is required from you.

Attend lectures and read any relevant material before the lecture so that you can follow the information being presented

Participate in tutorials. You will learn more if you take an active role in tutorials. This requires preparing for tutorials. This will further help you understand what you have covered in lectures that week.

Organise your notes. Read over your lecture notes, write up any gaps and file them by date and subject. Do this while the information is still fresh in your mind as this is the best time to identify any questions or difficulties you might be having.

Deal with difficulties. If you don’t understand something ask the lecturer by email or at the end of a lecture or tutorial. Talk to other students doing your module, meet with your personal tutor and check QOL.

Find out how you learn. Do you like to learn in a lively environment or do you prefer quietness? Use your learning style to make studying more enjoyable.

Have a study place. If you have a space where you work well use this to help you study, for example McClay library or your room, and make sure others know this is your study space.

Manage distractions. It is good to take breaks but make sure you are not being distracted, for example keep your mobile on silent and away from your desk.

Manage you time. Fill out a timetable to see where your hours are being spent. Allocate time to your different modules.

Have the materials you need. If you need reading resources or access to a computer make sure this is in place before you sit down to study.

Download our advice sheet on general study skills.        

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