Mentoring in the School of Mathematics

While each mentoring scheme in Queen's is tailored to the individual School in which it takes place, all schemes involve mentors helping Level 1 students make the most of their first year at university. 

Peer mentors in Mathematics are enthusiastic, friendly students who work hard at helping incoming first years find their feet and settle in quickly.  Each mentee group is made up of between 4 and 10 first year students who get together twice per week – once for a ‘social session’, where everyone meets for an informal chat, and again for a ‘homework session’ where mentees work on their academic assignments.  Mentors do not teach their mentees but they do arrange a time and venue in which mentees can concentrate on their studies and offer each other support.

Mentors also meet once a week as team to organise fun, social events throughout the year, such as quizzes and bowling and cinema trips.    

For information on how other Schools structure their mentoring schemes, please email 

Mentors from the School of Mathematics 2011/2012
Mentors from the School of Mathematics 2011/2012