Student Guidance Centre

Resit Examinations

August re-sit Examinations

Examination Period 8 -  20 August 2016
Wizard Open 17 June 2016
Wizard Close 7 July 2016
Publication of timetable 29 July 2016

Students required to undertake re-sit examinations in August, or those who deferred previous exams on medical grounds, must pre-register through the Qsis Re-sit Registration Wizard. It is mandatory for any student undertaking re-sit examinations in the August re-sit period to register and pay the appropriate fee in advance of the examinations.

If your School has not already been in touch with you regarding re-sits, you must contact your School Office or Advisor of Studies to determine which re-sit exams you are expected to attend before completing the wizard.

The Wizard will display the courses that are available for you in the re-sit period, and you will be able to select the course(s) you are expected to re-take. Even if your School has agreed you do not have to take the exam, you must register as ‘Not required to attend’

If a student was Absent with Mitigating circumstances in January or May and there is a re-sit available before the next academic year, then this student will get a chance to re-sit the exam without charge. If the exam is not sat within the year, the student will need to pay for an Exam Only class the next year, irrespective of whether they were Absent with Mitigating circumstances.