Student Registry Services

Key Locations

Below is a map of the Main Campus area:

Map of the Main Campus


Key places to look out for:

  • Student Guidance Centre (38) -  Payments can be made at the Student Finance office located on the first floor.
  • Administration Building (3) - Gown collection and Ticket collection from the Gown Store Level 1. 
  • Whitla Hall (7) - This is where the Ceremonies will take place.
  • South Dining Hall (6) - The side entrance of the Whitla Hall is located between this hall and the Whitla Hall. The Seating List will be displayed outside the door.
  • Lanyon Building (1) - The Garden Parties will take place, just through the entrance, in the Quadrangle area.
  • Students' Union (25) - For Graduation Photography, visit the SPACE in the Students' Union.