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Student Registry Services
Student Guidance Centre
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Your Student Record

The student record, which includes personal and academic information about you, must be recorded accurately in the University's Student Information System (SIS) in line with the requirements under the Data Protection Act 1998 and in order to provide consistent lists for administrative and operational purposes throughout the course of your study.

A Web-based mechanism is provided for you to check personal and academic records and is accessible using your password and log-in details which are provided to you in your appointment letter from your University School in early September. You should check the information as early as possible into the start of the academic year and periodically thereafter to ensure the University is storing accurate and relevant information about you, particularly your academic enrolment, as it is essential to maintain accurate course information for examinations.

Students should inform their Advisor of Studies of any changes to their academic details and changes to personal details should be communicated to this Division located in the Student Guidance Centre: tel: 02890 97 2727.

This section also provides you with useful information regarding transcripts, student cards and parchments. Please use the navigation panel to the left to work through this site.