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A transcript is an important confidential document that is issued to the person requesting confirmation of their academic history. The document can also be forwarded to another institution if requested. The European Diploma Supplement is included without charge for taught Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees awarded from July 2007 onwards.

Official transcripts £5 per copy

Unofficial copies free

Please have your credit card details to hand as all requests must be paid for at time of order. The University will not release official documentation if the request is incorrect or payment has not been made.

Official Transcripts can only be sent by post to the address you specify in your order. Requests for electronic copies cannot be accommodated. We will do our best to contact you if a problem arises with your request.

Requests for Academic Transcripts are normally processed within ten working days, however at certain peak times of the year, this may increase. You can find out if your order has been processed and when it was posted by logging back into the request page.

Students may access an unofficial copy of their academic record through Qsis. If the Qsis account is inactive, please email your request to providing full details as requested below.


If you wish Student Records and Examinations Division to send you any personal information electronically, please be aware that such information may be subject to identify theft by a third party. This information will be sent to you at your own risk.

Please enclose the following details:

Full Name (previous name if applicable)
Date of Birth
Your Qualification(s)
Date(s) awarded by QUB
Institution/Address/Contact for postage of the academic record

Replacement Degree Plus Certificates

To order a replacement Degree Plus Certificate, please click here for further information.