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EGG seeks to analyse whether representative institutions enable women to participate in the governance of the 10 CEECs that have applied for EU membership. The research is divided into seven work packages, each of which flows logically from its predecessor. The first stage will provide a theoretical foundation, establishing a common vocabulary among participants and a historical grounding within which to consider women's present civic and political participation.

The next five components will gather evidence on the current state of affairs: a mapping exercise will establish the visibility of women in political positions and the activities of NGOs in progressing the equality agenda, and an analytic exercise will consider the effectiveness of transposing the EU's equality acquis and creating gender mainstreaming programmes. In other words, the initial collection of 'numbers' will shape the legislative case studies and particularly the interview questions, which will in turn help explain the collected data.

During the final stage of the project researchers will compile the qualitative and quantitative results, enabling the preparation of individual country reports and an over-arching comparative report that include policy recommendations for the Commission and candidate country governments.

Click on the following links to see the main aims of each work package:
  1. Conceptual Framework and Project Management
  2. Analysing Female Visibility
  3. Mapping Women's Campaign for Change
  4. Implementing the Equality Acquis
  5. Identifying Barriers to Women's Participation
  6. Gender Mainstreaming Case Studies
  7. Dissemination
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