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  • Stigma continues to dominate the symbolic significance of HIV
  • Interactions with healthcare professionals can heighten or diminish the perception of stigma
  • Confidentiality and protecting against disclosure of HIV status are central concerns for people affected by HIV
  • Focusing on the couple rather than just the woman, allows for consideration of the emotional experiences of men
  • Culturally competent care requires openness to different faiths and cultures


You have now reached the end of the short course on HIV & Pregnancy.

The following short self assessment has been designed to encourage reflection on the main learning outcomes from Modules 1 and 2. Please enter your responses before printing out your certificate of completion.

Write down how you would explain CD4 and VL tests to a patient

When is the best time for a pregnant HIV positive woman to start treatment?

Confidentiality is a key expectation of all patients.  Write down 3 important things in relation to confidentiality




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