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Summary of key points

  • Vaginal delivery is recommended for women on HAART with an undetectable HIV viral load at 36 weeks
  • Delivery by Planned Caesarean Section (PLCS)  is recommended for women on monotherapy irrespective of viral load and for women with a VL >400cpm regardless of ART
  • Delivery should be expedited in all cases of preterm SROM
  • Avoidance of breastfeeding should continue to be recommended
  • Neonatal post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) commenced as soon as possible after birth (ideally within 4 hrs), continue for 4 weeks


You have now reached the end of the full course on HIV & Pregnancy.

The following short self assessment has been designed to encourage reflection on the main learning outcomes from Modules 3 to 6. Please enter your responses before printing out your certificate of completion.

List the factors couples affected by HIV would need to consider before planning a pregnancy?

A woman who attended the antenatal clinic subsequently tests positive for HIV. Consider how you would prepare to inform her of her result?  

(what information does she need? / who do you need support from?)

List at least three risk factors for Mother to child transmission (MTCT) when the mother is HIV positive?

What factors make it more likely for ARV to be effective? 

In relation to a woman's HIV status, when should a planned Caesarean section (PLCS) be performed?

Which of the following are true in relation to the baby born to a mother who is HIV positive? 


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