nursing and midwifery - text


Project steering group

Dr Priscilla Devaseelan   Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, BHSCT

Shona Hamilton              Consultant Midwife, NHSCT/QUB

Joe Harris                       Sexual Health Coordinator, BHSCT

Dr Penny Hill                   Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, SEHSCT

Breedagh Hughes          Regional Director (N.I.), RCM.

Brenda Kelly                   Lead Midwife, SHSCT

Jane Kennedy                Consultant Midwife, HomertonUniversity Hospital 

Pat Knowles                  Senior Social Work Manager, Regional HIV SW team, BHSCT

Jackie McGeagh             Regional Antenatal Screening Coordinator, PHA

Maureen Miller               Lead Midwife, WHSCT

Gillian Morrow                Intrapartum Midwifery Practice Educator, BHSCT

Dr Say Quah                  Consultant, Genito-Urinary Medicine/HIV, BHSCT          

Prof Lorraine Sherr        Head of Health Psychology unit, UCL

Rory Thompson             Community Support Officer, Positive Life, Belfast

Dr Richard Tubman        Consultant Neonatologist, BHSCT


Professional Users group

Roberta Carlisle          Antenatal screening co-ordinator, BHSCT

Maeve Cross               Senior Health advisor (Genito-Urinary Medicine), BHSCT

Dr Kelly Eastwood      Obstetrics and Gynaecology Sp Registrar , BHSCT

Maggie Gruener          Midwife/HIV trainer, BHSCT

Lorna Hawe                Antenatal screening co-ordinator, NHSCT       

Jenny Henderson        Antenatal screening co-ordinator, SEHSCT

Rosemary Hendron     HIV Social worker, BHSCT

Joanne Mallon             Antenatal screening co-ordinator, SHSCT

Aine McDermott           Antenatal screening co-ordinator, WHSCT

Maureen O’Dowd        NNU nurse/Practice education, BHSCT

Roisin O’Higgins          Midwife/HIV trainer, BHSCT

Nora O’Neill                 Antenatal screening co-ordinator, SHSCT

Paul Rafferty               Pharmacist (HIV specialist), BHSCT

Alison Rodgers            Student midwife, QUB

Dr Helen Sherrey          GP/Speciality Doctor in Genito-Urinary Medicine, SEHSCT

Shirley Stronge           Midwifery lecturer (Education), QUB


Women’s group

Many thanks to the HIV positive women who reviewed and advised on the resource throughout the production stages and wish to remain anonymous


Original research participants

We would like to thank the women and men who generously gave of their time and selves to participate in the original study.


Production team

Patrick Daly                 Information services, QUB

Peter McConkey          Marketing manager, QUB

David Robinson           Educational Technologist, Information services, QUB

Kate Finn                     Video Producer/Director, Morrow Communications

Moya Neeson              Director, Morrow Communications

Darragh Neely             Creative Director, Darragh Neely Design Works

Keith Freel                   Senior Designer, Darragh Neely Design Works


Actors for vignettes

Aruna Djalo                 Patrick

Gemma Mae Halligan  Lisa

Angela Kiire                 Rachel

Sarah Lyle                   Kate

Conor Maguire            John

Rachel Murray             Debbie

Keith Thanni                Adam

Somei Vigo                  Sue


Interviews for resource

Maggie Gruener          Midwife/HIV trainer/Volunteer, Positive Life

Jenny Henderson        Antenatal screening coordinator/Midwife

Dr Penny Hill               Obstetrics and Gynaecology Consultant

Dr Say Quah               Genito-Urinary Medicine/HIV Consultant

Anonymous                 HIV positive woman



Kevin Campbell           Photographer

Michael McKnight        Sound

Paul Menown              Video editor

Paul Terrins                Camera man


Other thanks

Ulster Hospital Maternity Unit, SEHSCT

Positive Life NI, Belfast

Genito-Urinary Medicine Clinic, Royal Victoria Hospital, BHSCT

Dr Clive Wolsley, Programme manager, HSC R&D Division, PHA

Dr Peter O'Halloran, QUB for recording of the podcasts

The homeowners, parents and children who facilitated recording of the vignettes.


This work was supported by a Knowledge Transfer Award from the HSC R&D Division, Public Health Agency