Alcohol and Drugs
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Alcohol and Drugs

Drug use


By the end of this topic you will be able to:

  • define substance misuse and dependency.
  • identify the main groups of Psychoactive drugs.
  • outline the medical effects of substance misuse.
  • define the Nurse's role in health promotion.

Using this resource

This resource covers the primary content for the Alcohol & Drugs topic of your module. It is designed so you can navigate through the pages and explore the content as you wish. Make sure you review the content on all the pages.

It includes links to other websites that contain other important material for this topic:

  • further detailed information on important sub-topics.
  • links to alcohol and drugs related organisations.
  • relevant news articles.
  • videos.

Important Tasks

It is important to complete the tasks suggested in the resource as it will help to reinforce what is important. You must complete the tutorial exercise prior to your face-to-face session and bring the preparation material with you.

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