Measurement of Egg Quality
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Practical write up

Results and Report

  1. Prepare your report under the standard headings of aims, results, discussion and conclusion.
  2. Present results for both sections in table form. Include appropriate means and standard errors.
  3. Include your worked calculations using the Henderson Hasselbach equation.
  4. Present graph of your titration curve (pH against cm3 of HCl added to reduce pH from 10.3 to 4) for both fresh and stored eggs.
  5. In the discussion;
    • Discuss the results of the Haugh Unit, Yolk Index and pH measurements. Comment on whether the tests correlate with each other with regard to quality or freshness.
    • Explain the principle of the titration and comment on your results, comparing those for the fresh and stored eggs.
    • Comment on your results compared to the literature.


Cotterill, O.J., Gardner, F.A., Cunningham, F.E. and Funk, E.M. (1959). Titration curves and turbidity of whole egg white. Poultry Science 38: 836-842.

Stadelman, W.J. and Cotterill, O.J. (1977). Egg Science and Technology, 2nd Edition. Avi Publishing Company, INC, Connecticut.

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