Healthy Eating
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Tutorial Exercises


The purpose of the tutorial is to enable students to apply the Stages of Change Model (Prochaska and Di Clemente, 1982) when promoting Healthy Eating and Exercise with a patient / client who has not yet developed health problems.

There are two parts to the tutorial wihich need to be completed before the face-to-face tutorial session.

  • Part I is a private activity.
  • Part II requires you to come prepared and ready to feeback to the group upon your approach/strategies with one or more of the case scenarios.

Part I - Assessing your own diet and lifestyle

  1. Calculate your BMI using the online healthy weight calculator tool.
  2. Complete the Healthy Eating self-assessment quiz.

Reflect on your results and answer the following questions:

  1. What did you learn about yourself from the quiz?
  2. Is your BMI within the ‘acceptable range’?
  3. Do you exercise sufficiently (cumulative exercise of at least 30mins activity per day) to be a healthy weight and have a healthy heart?
  4. Can you think of any strategies that would help you to change your present behaviour?
  5. If you do all the ‘healthy things’ what motivates you to keep this up?

Part II - Using the Stages of Change Model

  1. Review the Stages of Change Model
  2. You should now consider undertaking the assessments with a client to help her or him understand their individual problems / needs in the Pre-contemplation, Contemplation or Preparing to change phases of the cycle or who has Relapsed.
  3. Choose one of the following scenarios and apply each of the Stages of Change Model, outlining briefly exactly what you might say/strategy that you would adopt (think also of timing, setting, communication skills etc.)

    • A young woman of 19 yrs struggling with excessive weight gain and issues of body image.
    • A heavilly overweight 33 yr old mother of three young children.
    • A middle-aged (45) heavily overweigh transport company manager.

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